Neckarsulm gave a birthday party to the Ro 80
30 Years Ro 80 and Wankel Symposium

30 years after the first presentation to the public, the Ro 80 was again in the focus of interest and has been honored by its fan community. Several events took place in Neckarsulm from September 12 -14, 1997 attracting numerous enthusiasts with more than 100 Ro 80 cars. This Wankel Symposium offered a unique opportunity to meet Wankel engines developpers of the past and present.

We also remembered an earlier date: 40 years ago, on February 1, 1957 the very first Wankel engine unit run on a NSU test bench. Ten years later the Ro 80 with a twin-rotor Wankel engine was on the market.


From the speaker`s platform very interesting papers were presented by Fried Meysen, Felix-Wankel-Foundation * Dr. Kurt Möser, Landesmuseum Stuttgart * Artur Westrup, former NSU Public Relations Manager * Dr. Max Bentele, Curtiss-Wright USA * Hanns-Dieter Paschke, former NSU Wankel engine development engineer * Claus Luthe, former NSU Ro 80 body development engineer * Dr. Klotz, Dankwart Eiermann and Jürgen Bax, Wankel Rotary GmbH * Ken Huntley. Mid West Engines GB * David W. Garside, UAV Engines, Ltd. GB * Dr. Lutz, Audi AG, * Roland Schuster and Peter von Manteuffel, former VVB Auto development engineers * Richard von Bashuisen, formerly Wankel-Zentrum Neckarsulm * Dr.Andreas Knie, Institute for Sociological Studies, Berlin * Volker Blust, Mayor of the city of Neckarsulm.


On September 13, we met at the Audi factory for a common trip to Langenburg Castle Car Museum and ended the day with dinner and live music at Ballei town hall Neckarsulm.


Specimen of limited edition telephone card "30 Jahre NSU Ro 80" created for the event.