In memoriam: Felix Wankel's 10th death anniversary

Dr. hc. Felix Wankel was born on August 13, 1902 at the town of Lahr in Southern Germany and passed away on October 9, 1988 at Heidelberg.

He was an unconventional man without university degree, a man who acquired his technical knowledge mostly through self-tuitition. He was an imaginative inventor who made his way by relentless research work on rotary valves, sealing technology and rotary combustion engines. Where all others had failed, he was able to develop the technical layout of the first functional rotary engine.

He was a versatile personality. He respected nature and was a strong promotor of projects for animal welfare, environment and fight against cancer.

Felix Wankel ranks among the great engine engineers like Carl Benz, Nicolaus August Otto, Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach and Rudolf Diesel.